What is Anicam Box Express

Anicam Enterprises INC and its Casillero Anicam Box Express services are the best ally for receiving your purchases from US online stores in an easy, secure, and affordable way.

Join our service and get a physical address in Miami and a locker number that you can use as shipping information when making purchases from your favorite stores. Casillero Anicam Box Express will receive your purchases in Miami, process them, and transport them to your country for delivery to your home or office.

Why should you join Anicam Box Express Dropoff Shipping services?

Access your own address to shop in the United States at any time, without having to wait for a family member or friend to travel there to assist you.

Get the latest product releases and be the first to have them, even before they become available in your country.

✅ Save money! Many products found in US online stores have highly competitive prices. Take advantage of major discount seasons and purchase that item you've been desiring.

How does it work?

1️⃣ Go to www.anicamboxexpress.com.

2️⃣ Request a quote and register.

3️⃣ Shop at your favorite stores and use your locker number followed by your name in the buyer's name field.

4️⃣ For the shipping address, use the address we provide in the United States: 1770 NW 96TH Ave Doral. Fl, 33172 USA.

5️⃣ Notify us that your purchase will arrive at our warehouse by submitting a pre-alert through your user account.

6️⃣ Once your purchase arrives at our warehouse and the shipping label is generated, shipping costs will be charged to your registered credit card.

What tools does Anicam Box Express Dropoff Shipping Services offer to manage and control your shipments?

👉 My Account: Obtain a personal account and access this module to track the status of your shipments, manage updates, and register or update payment method information for processing your purchases.

👉 Shipment Pre-alert: Avoid delays with your purchases and easily notify us when you are expecting a shipment in Miami. Anicam Box Express will process and dispatch your shipment promptly.

👉 Real-time shipment status notifications: Stay informed about the status of your purchases through proactive email notifications that indicate the progress of your purchases from their receipt in Miami to their delivery at your destination address.

👉 Cost Calculator: Calculate the approximate cost of your shipments, plan your expenses, and avoid surprises.