Articles Prohibited for Circulation

Products that are prohibited from transportation and/or importation to the country.

icono Narcotics and psychotropic substances such as opium, morphine, cocaine, marijuana, etc. This restriction will not apply to shipments for medical or scientific purposes for countries that admit them under such conditions.

icono Corrosive liquids and poisonous substances, fatty materials, coloring powders, and other similar products.

icono Obscene or immoral objects.

icono Objects whose import or circulation is specifically prohibited in the destination country.

icono Objects that, due to their nature or packaging, pose a danger to employees or the general public, stain or damage other shipments, as well as Anicam equipment or property belonging to third parties.

icono Documents that have the character of current, private, and confidential personal correspondence, exchanged between people other than the sender and the recipient or people living with them.

icono Explosive, flammable, or dangerous materials such as weapons, ammunition, war elements of all kinds, fireworks, detonators, rockets, firecrackers, among others. As well as radioactive materials, in all categories of shipments.

icono Live and undissected dead animals, with the exception of bees, leeches, silkworms, as well as parasites and destroyers of harmful insects exchanged between recognized scientific institutions.

icono Objects determined in international agreements of which Cayman Islands is a signatory.

icono Paper money, cash, coins, banknotes, banknote skeletons, currency representative notes, bearer securities, coin minting machines, valuable objects such as platinum, gold, silver, precious stones, jewelry (whether or not manufactured), any precious object, and others of similar value, that are not sent insured. The prohibition of paper money does not operate in the admission of money by the Anicam operator that provides this type of service to its users.

icono Counterfeit or pirated items.