Terms and Conditions

Anicam Enterprises Inc's portals offer the option to purchase thousands of products from abroad, thanks to partnerships with various suppliers located overseas. This allows third parties to add products for sale on the portal and distribute them internationally.

Purchasing products from abroad has specific terms and conditions, which our customers must read and understand. As you well know, these products belong to a supplier or third party abroad, meaning that the product must be imported.


The Customer grants a commercial mandate to Anicam Enterprises Inc to carry out, on their behalf, all commercial and service-related tasks necessary to successfully complete the lawful purchase of products and deliveries within the established timeframes to the address previously determined by the customer.

Similarly, the customer and/or commercial intermediary and/or portfolio collection manager grant a management mandate under the conditions established by the operation to collect the lawful funds corresponding to the transactions and their transfer abroad, duly legalized and supported before the fiscal and financial entities that require it.


Considering that product purchases are made abroad, these purchases have limited timeframes for immediate cancellation. It's important to confirm cancellations within 12 hours from the time of the transaction if your product is PRIME, and if the product is NON-PRIME, you can do so within no more than 24 hours from the time of the transaction. To cancel, you must contact customer service or report it in your shipment tracking. Otherwise, the purchase cancellation cannot be processed.

When canceling a purchase, your financial institution may impose a penalty or charge to your card for this action. Cancellations are not allowed after the dispatch notification to Colombia.


If you wish to purchase a product located abroad, please note the following:

  • You will recognize it immediately, as these products have unique access for you to make your purchases on virtual sites provided by Anicam Enterprises Inc. Additionally, product prices are in dollars, subject to the TRM used by your financial institution.

  • You acknowledge that you understand it's a product to be imported, and there are two types of products in this category. The first has a seal at the top with the word PRIME. All products with this feature have shorter delivery times and can meet the delivery promise of at least 5-7 business days to the national logistics operator. The second product option you'll find are those that do NOT have the PRIME seal; these can take more than 30 business days.

  • The final price you pay includes all import costs, international and national freight. This means you won't have to pay an additional amount to receive the product(s) you purchased unless there's a revaluation at customs, a return, a retraction, a warranty claim, or if delivery attempts have been exhausted. In these cases, you will have to make an additional payment, and the respective amounts will always be informed.

  • Some product user manuals and physical product features from the international portal are not in Spanish. The buyer is responsible for understanding and reading all this information for the correct use of the product.

  • Since they are products located abroad, their voltage may differ from that used in the country, requiring the use of additional accessories for the products to work correctly. This responsibility falls directly on the customer.


Based on current regulations, the seller may modify and change its terms and conditions at any time. But don't worry, we will always send updates so you're informed about any changes.


Since these transactions are made with a company located in the United States, payments must be made to Anicam Enterprises Inc's accounts in this country. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Through Anicam Enterprises Inc's payment gateway. This gateway only accepts credit cards, and the transaction cost is 5% of the transaction value, which will be borne by the customer.

  2. Wire transfers, which are the responsibility of the customer, who will assume the financial costs of the same. To facilitate this transaction, Anicam Enterprises Inc commits to providing all necessary support and documentation.

For the Anicam Enterprises Inc platform, only credit card payments are accepted, and the 5% financial cost is already included in the final product cost paid by the associate.


Anicam Enterprises Inc will NOT purchase and distribute items prohibited for transport as outlined in the company's internal policies for distribution in national territories of foreign countries, such as: Weapons, chemical precursors, jewelry, cash, pornographic material, war toys, lottery tickets, and all those prohibited by local authorities and the Universal Postal Union.

If these items are purchased, the purchase will be canceled, and the money will be returned according to the law.

Prohibited Transport Items are those that cannot be transported due to organizational policies or by law 1369 of 2009 under the Express Courier modality. According to the following categories:

  • Gases
  • Chemicals
  • Valuable Titles
  • Jewelry
  • Weapons
  • Narcotics
  • Perishables
  • Fragile items (Ceramics, Glass)
  • Money
  • Paintings
  • Art
  • Oversize
  • Animals
  • Short-lived perishable foods
  • Weapons and war toys


National distribution rates will be in the local currency of the country where the purchase is made. At the end of the purchase process on the web services, the total product costs will be shown. The national rate will be determined based on the type of service, and the shipping rate will be based on the destination set by Anicam Enterprises Inc's operational network. Product prices on the website are in US Dollars since they are products purchased abroad. No additional amounts will need to be paid after purchasing the products. * The national distribution rate depends on the Volumetric or Physical weight of the product.


The Anicam Enterprises Inc platform is programmed to update products automatically three times a week. In special cases, there may be a price variation by the supplier, for which Anicam Enterprises Inc is not responsible. The associate will decide whether to assume the product cost difference for Anicam Enterprises Inc to process the purchase order.


Cost settlement is carried out once the product's weights and measurements are physically confirmed. Since the supplier announces the features, they can significantly vary upon arrival, causing an increase in the shipping cost borne by the customer.


The product price on external platforms like Mercadolibre is reflected only at the synchronization moment. It doesn't mean that if the price changes at this moment on Amazon or another registered store, it will immediately reflect on Mercadolibre.

The product price + shipping can vary since it is re-quoted with the price appearing on Amazon at the time of purchase.

Anicam Enterprises Inc is not responsible and will not notify the customer when a product is no longer Prime positioned. The customer takes the risk of publishing products that are no longer Prime.


The Anicam Enterprises Inc group can unilaterally dispense with the contract or purchase of products acquired through AWS web services due to a history of fraud or illicit acts evidenced or reported by competent authorities. Also, due to misuse of the service or any breach of obligations acquired in the terms accepted by the service provider and/or the customer.


Orders to the Amazon International Purchasing provider are made within the next 24 business hours after the pre-alert, from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm, Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm, Sundays and holidays are not counted as business hours.


Anicam Enterprises Inc has partnerships with companies that provide customs services for importing products in destination countries that you wish to purchase on the portal or directly. Thus, customs procedures related to postal and shipping traffic will be generated, including records, prior inspection, and customs inspection, or in their air or sea cargo modalities. Anicam Enterprises Inc will not be responsible for delays in customs processes or product delivery due to poor documentation management sent by the customer or product provider.


All products purchased through Anicam Enterprises Inc or its AWS services will be delivered to the address provided by the customer in the AWS or instructed in documents such as AWB or BOL. Thus, the responsibility for incorrect delivery information falls on the customer.

Products and/or services acquired by transactions made in Anicam Enterprises Inc will be delivered to the address the Customer selected in their purchase. National distribution will be carried out after the product's nationalization and release. From this moment, our logistics partners, national delivery companies, start the national distribution process. Delivery times are subject to the destination of shipments according to our distribution partners.

Delivery times are subject to the type of product purchased by the customer, considering that they are products located abroad and must be imported, their times are different. The first of them, which has a seal at the top with the word PRIME, are products that have a delivery time of 5 to 7 business days. The second product option you will find are those that do NOT have the PRIME seal. These can take between 15 to 45 business days for delivery since they may be located in more distant countries and require special operation for national distribution. National deliveries will be made according to the conditions of each country.

Anicam Enterprises Inc and its services through AWS will always provide a receipt and tracking number in the transaction, allowing the customer to track their products.

It is understood that any person over 14 years old at the address or address indicated by the customer for product delivery is authorized to receive the shipment. In this way, Anicam Enterprises Inc is exempt from any claim for the delivery made and the delivery proof document signed, as long as the delivery is made at the address specified in the customer's guide.

If the customer is not at the address at the time of product delivery, a notification with the date and time of the visit will be left to inform the customer. Subsequently, Anicam Enterprises Inc will communicate to reconfirm the delivery.

In the case that the person receiving is not the same as the one on the guide, Anicam Enterprises Inc is not responsible for shipping and receiving guarantees.

If the shipment cannot be delivered on a second visit, it can be claimed at our distribution partners' offices as guided by Customer Service advisors and for the next 30 calendar days. If the shipment is not claimed, it will be considered Non-Distributable and returned to the sender or become backlogged.

To claim your shipment, you must bring your ID and a photocopy of it with the service order number or guide. If claimed by someone other than the recipient, the person must claim it with an authorization letter from the sender and their original


You may use the platforms provided by Anicam Enterprises Inc, solely to enjoy the Services it offers, which are provided by Anicam Enterprises Inc, as permitted by the terms and conditions of use of the virtual platforms provided by AWS services. You may not incorporate any part of the Anicam Enterprises Inc Software into your own programs or compile any part of it in combination with programs for personal use, transfer it for use with another service, or sell, rent, lease, lend, distribute, or sublicense the software provided by AWS or otherwise assign any rights to the AWS-provided Software in whole or in part. You may not use the AWS-provided Software for any illegal purpose.

We may stop providing the AWS-provided Software and may suspend the right to use any AWS-provided software at any time. The rights to use the AWS-provided software will terminate automatically without prior notice from us if you do not comply with any of these Terms and Conditions. All software used in the AWS-provided Services is owned by Anicam Enterprises Inc or its software providers and is protected under US international laws and international copyright laws.

Use of third-party services

When using AWS-provided software, you may also be using the services of one or more third parties, such as a wireless service provider or a mobile platform provider. The use of these third-party services may be subject to separate policies and terms of use.

Prohibition of reverse engineering

You may not encourage, assist, or authorize another person to copy, modify, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble, or otherwise alter the AWS-provided software, either in whole or in part, or create derivative works from the AWS-provided software.


To keep the AWS-provided software up to date, we may offer automatic or manual updates at any time and without prior notice.


The channel for requests, petitions, complaints, and claims, the customer must make through the international line (for calls in the USA +13054710428) or in Contact us in the countries where our service centers are located, where complaints and claims will be managed in case of losses, damages, breakdowns, etc. The Customer Service Department has fifteen (15) days from the date the claim is received to respond to the customer, with an extension of time for investigation of up to 15 more days if required. And 30 business days to make the payment in case it is approved according to the investigation that gives rise to it.

It is important that the customer submits their claims in writing, attaching the purchase invoice or additional documents required depending on the case, for example (Photos).


Withdrawals will be assumed by the associates who use AWS services according to the policies in force in the country where the sale is made.

Refund of payment:

  • does not include


In the event that when purchasing a product at Anicam Enterprises Inc or the services provided by AWS and there are technical failures in its correct use, Anicam Enterprises Inc will act as an intermediary between the provider and the end customer. In this way, the guarantees, changes, or refunds of money from the provider Anicam Enterprises Inc will be transmitted to the end customer. If the provider requests the return of the product, the end customer must bear the costs that this operation entails.

In the event that the claim or warranty is part of the portfolio of products and brands represented by Anicam Enterprises Inc, Anicam Enterprises Inc will be responsible for the warranty.

Special warranty conditions must be taken into account for each of the products, defined in these terms and conditions and those of the manufacturer.

In the event that the products are part of the portfolio of products and brands represented by Anicam Enterprises Inc, Anicam Enterprises Inc will be responsible for the warranty.

If the warranty is in force, you can contact our customer service line, subject: Anicam Enterprises Inc product warranty or the service provided by AWS. This email must contain at least the following documents: Invoice or purchase order for the product (maximum 3 months validity), warranty document or equivalent to this, send photos, and explain the situation for which you wish to claim a warranty. The customer service team has 5 business days to respond to the email and give instructions given by the provider for such warranty.

Repairs, if they are within the warranty parameters of the providers, will have no cost, and transportation will be borne by the buyer or the customer, depending on the damage or request. There are 30 business days for these repairs or the time according to the provider's diagnosis.

From the moment of delivery, the warranty that applies is given by the provider or brand of the product, this is the sole responsibility of the provider.

For the warranty with the provider abroad, Anicam Enterprises Inc will provide the data for the customer to communicate directly, in the event that the response is not satisfactory, Anicam Enterprises Inc will assist and help to seek a satisfactory response in the shortest possible time.

If the property has a global warranty, the consumer may demand it from the brand representative in the destination country. To enforce this policy, you must prove that you made the purchase abroad.

The guarantees may be made effective as long as the Client who is registered in the guide is the one who signed the proof of delivery with a signature and document number. It should not be a third party at the destination address; in this case, the product warranty will not be effective.

Warranties in:

  1. Fashion: Warranty will only be given to products not considered intimate unless they have a defect before being removed from their original packaging. It is clarified that this condition is not exclusive as it may be extended by the provider. No warranties will be given when the size is what the customer ordered but did not adjust to their needs.

  2. Technology The product must come with a warranty certificate or its equivalent, original packaging, and invoice. The warranty is voided if there's evidence of tampering with the components, if it has been opened internally, if it shows signs of wear and tear, misuse, or if it has been exposed to corrosive oils. If the product shows signs of being serviced by unauthorized technicians, the warranty is immediately voided.

  3. The warranty is not valid if the product:

    • Shows damage from using in non-recommended voltages.
    • Lacks warranty seals.
    • Has been used beyond the manufacturer's warranty period.
    • Has been technically tampered with by personnel other than the technical team authorized by the brand or provider.
    • Shows damage from the adaptation of non-original products compatible with the brand.
    • Has damages caused by children, animals, or contact with water.
    • Shows signs of misuse.
    • Lacks a serial number.
    • Among other conditions which can be defined by the manufacturer or provider.
    1. Toys Only products from the toy category with factory defects can be returned under warranty. They must come with an invoice, original and intact packaging, and purchase order. Returns can be made up to a maximum of 5 days after delivery. It's clarified that this condition is not exclusive as it can be extended by the provider.

    2. White Goods (Appliances) Each provider in this category has its warranty guidelines. Please contact the customer service phone number of the provider or brand representative in the destination country, or the Anicam Enterprises Inc team to support or request a requirement to the specific provider.

    3. Textiles The warranty will only apply if there are factory defects. Since the product is purchased abroad, returns due to size issues, etc., will not be entertained.

    4. Books Only if they have printing defects.

    We emphasize that these types of products found in the services provided by AWS do not belong to our company. We offer a marketplace designed for different providers to sell their products.

    CHANGE POLICY You can request changes to purchased items if they are of poor quality or due to warranty rights. To adhere to this policy, the product(s) must be in a defective or unusable state, have manufacturing defects, or appear to have been previously used. It is clarified that a product cannot be exchanged based on consumer preferences. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to each product specification and, if necessary, contact Anicam Enterprises Inc's customer service. Anicam Enterprises Inc has 5 business days to contact you and respond to your request.

    Categories of products that cannot be exchanged:

    • Underwear
    • Swimsuits
    • Perfumes
    • Girdles
    • Vitamins
    • Cosmetics
    • Stockings
    • Jewelry
    • Hair accessories
    • Sexual products
    • Books and video games that are not sealed in their original packaging
    • Breastfeeding products

    Unless they are considered non-original or are damaged without being removed from their original packaging. Size changes will not be made unless a different size than the one ordered was dispatched.

    WRONG PRODUCT POLICY If the customer receives a wrong product, they must contact customer service lines or send an email with attached photos of the received product and describe the issue within 48 business hours of receiving the product. The subject of the email should indicate that it's a wrong product. Anicam Enterprises Inc's customer service team has 48 business hours from the receipt of the email to verify the request. If approved, the customer will be notified with the steps to follow depending on each situation or products to be returned. Immediately after starting the return process, the correct product will be reordered for the customer to receive, applying the delivery times of a conventional purchase.

    One of the conditions for this policy to be applied is that the customer sends the necessary photographs and documents that corroborate that the received item is wrong. If they do not send these, they will not enjoy the return benefit, and any responsibility from Anicam Enterprises Inc or the providers affiliated with Anicam Enterprises Inc will be removed.

    If the warranty is accepted, national and international logistics costs will be borne by Anicam Enterprises Inc, conditions and restrictions apply.

    INVENTORY Anicam Enterprises Inc customers understand and accept that between the time of purchase, order generation, payment approval, and sending the purchase order to the provider, the selected product(s) may run out. If this happens, Anicam Enterprises Inc has the authority to notify the next business day of the purchase and the respective refund to the customer, removing any responsibility from Anicam Enterprises Inc or AWS-provided services and indemnifying Anicam Enterprises Inc from any compensation rights for such a situation.

    POLICY ON MONEY LAUNDERING AND TERRORISM PREVENTION Anicam Enterprises Inc, in its commitment to nation-building and in the development of its activity, implements good practices promoting and driving risk management culture, preventing and controlling its operations to avoid incurring crimes associated with Money Laundering (ML) and Terrorism Financing (TF) and thus provide a transparent operation, free from criminal intent with self-control adoption to achieve its business objective.

    Being consistent with good practices, coexistence norms, compliance with the law, and the policies defined will aim to guide the officials and collaborators responsible for the different processes and activities of the company in identifying, analyzing, controlling, and monitoring the risks to which the entity is exposed in providing postal money order services and logistics solutions in handling documents and merchandise.

    Good judgment, responsibility, and diligence are essential for the best performance of officials involved in processes related to TSA risk management and associated risks.

    When any entity or competent authority requires and/or requests information from Anicam Enterprises Inc, it will be delivered promptly, sufficiently, and truthfully, to contribute to control and monitoring against these crimes.

    It is the duty of all company employees, both direct and indirect, and third parties on which the services are based, to comply with TSA risk prevention and management policies, and to request documents according to each case and validate information according to this manual.

    The Company will seek to form an organizational culture highlighting the importance of operating in a risk control environment, based on TSA.

    The following are the main policies implemented in the TSA by Anicam Enterprises Inc: A. Objective of the policy for TSA prevention. B. Compliance with the Risk Management System. C. Risk level. D. Compliance policy of the Risk Management and Mitigation System. E. Policies regarding conflicts of interest.

    CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY Anicam Enterprises Inc will safeguard the personal information provided by users and customers. For this, Direct and indirect officials, business collaborators, and people related to the development, administration, and implementation of the services provided by the company will ensure the confidentiality and use of these databases only for the services provided by the Company.

    The personal data requested to provide the services offered by Anicam Enterprises Inc in compliance with regulations are confidential and will only be provided upon request by supervisory bodies and/or competent authorities.

    Failure to comply with this regulation will result in penalties stipulated by the Company's policies.