How does it work

1️⃣ Register at and obtain your physical address in Miami, United States, along with your Casillero Anicam Box Express number. 🇰🇾

2️⃣ Purchase the product you want from your favorite store in the United States, using your Miami address as the shipping address: 1770 NW 96th Ave, Doral, FL 33172-2317. Make sure to include your casillero number along with your last name. 📍

3️⃣ Notify us that your purchase will be arriving at our warehouse by creating a pre-alert in your user account. 📢

4️⃣ The store where you made the purchase will send the product to your Casillero Anicam Box Express address in Miami. 🚚

5️⃣ Casillero Anicam Box Express will take care of delivering your purchase quickly and securely to your address in Cayman Islands. 🇰🇾✈️