How does it work

1️⃣ Register at and obtain your physical address in Miami, United States, along with your ANICAM BOX EXPRESS' Dropoff Shipping account number.

2️⃣ Purchase the product you want from your favorite store in the United States, using your Miami address: 1770 NW 96th Ave, Doral, FL 33172-2317. Make sure to include your Dropoff Shipping account number along with your name. 📍

3️⃣ Notify us that your purchase will be arriving at our warehouse by creating using the PREALERT feature in your user account. 📢

4️⃣ The store where you made the purchase will send the product to your Anicam Box Express Dropoff Shipping address in Miami. 🚚

5️⃣ Anicam Box Express Dropoff Shipping will provide shipping to your purchase quickly and securely in Cayman Islands. ✈️