1️⃣ Save 19% on VAT exemption 💵

On purchases with a declared value of up to USD 200 when entering the country.

2️⃣ Save 10% on duty exemption 💰

In addition, your purchases are also subject to duty exemption, increasing your savings.

3️⃣ Insurance at no additional cost 🔒

Your purchases with a declared value of up to USD 100 will be insured against damage or loss, at no extra charge.

4️⃣ No volumetric weight charges

We only consider the actual weight of the product on the scale, without taking into account the volumetric weight.

5️⃣ Zero additional costs

With Anicam Box Express Locker, there are no hidden costs, such as data correction, fuel surcharge, deliveries to remote municipalities, or deliveries to Sr. Pack.

6️⃣ Fast and competitive delivery ✈️🚚💨

Grand Cayman: between 2 and 3 business days. *These terms apply after receiving your purchases at the Anicam Box Express Locker facilities in Miami. Subject to shipments without issues at the origin, unforeseen circumstances with international airlines, and force majeure events.

7️⃣ Pick up at Sr. Pack 📍

With Sr. Pack, you can pick up your purchases at any time, on your way home or to the office, at no cost.

8️⃣ Complete national coverage 🇰🇾🌎

From your favorite store in the United States to your home or office in Cayman. No matter where you are.

9️⃣ Single rate for the entire destination

Enjoy a single rate for national shipments.